About the programme

The “Programme for Strengthening SMEs Competitiveness and Creation of Employment in Argentina”, is a cooperation project signed on June 21st, 2011, between Argentina and the European Union. Through the promotion of the SME sector, this Programme aims at contributing towards the increase of employment by  encouraging  the introduction of new technologies. The programme's objective is to improve the competitiveness of the private sector knowledge by adding value to their products and services.
There is a shared vision in Argentina and in the European Union, that micro and nanotechnology have the ability to improve the quality of life and environmental protection, apart from promoting industrial competitiveness

The Programme is focused  on four strategic industrial areas: Metalworking (includes auto parts), Agri-food, health and electronics.

Several  activities shall be carried out throughout the implementation the program will among which the following one are worth mentioning:

  • Motivation and awareness campaign on the applications of nanotechnology in the country.
  • Training in business  management of innovation to facilitate the adoption of nanotechnologies in SMEs, including strategic management and technology transfer. This training targets managers of SMEs, universities, research and development centers  (R&D) laboratories, research institutes, and specialists from  technology transfer offices of several institutions.
  • Benchmarking and characterization of key strategic sectors linked to micro and nanotechnology.
  • Acquisition of equipment for the centres of excellence in the country according to the respective requirements
  • Design and implementation of a training program on micro and nanotechnologies to be carried out in the European Union, targeting Argentine experts from the productive sector, scientific and technological laboratories and universities.
  • Call for regional integrated projects involving SMEs, scientific-technological laboratories and universities. Projects should include the implementation of Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS).


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